Deluxe Combo

We offer a Deluxe Combo Package which consists of a 1/2 day of deep sea fishing and a 2 tank dive for up to 6 divers on Hammered and up to 4 divers on Potcake. Depending upon the tides, we generally start off fishing until slack tide (fishing gets slow sometimes at slack tide), then we do two dives and then it's back to deep sea fishing.

Most of our deep sea fishing is along the wall, the same areas we do wall dives, but we are usually a little further off the wall. So when the tide goes slack we plan to be in the vicinity of one or several of our favorite dive sites, and over we go for 2 dives. Typically one deeper dive on the wall and a second shallower dive, which can also be one of our shark sites.

The concept for the Deluxe Combo came from some crazy Italians, Mateo being the craziest, who after making several visits with us and doing fishing one day and diving a few days said "why can't we just leave the dock and do some fishing and some diving without having to come back to the dock to change gear?" So we set up the next day and did the now famous "Deluxe Combo", great idea. We listen to our guests, and we love to mix things up to satisfy their desires.