Our Team

Al Curry
Owner of Ocean Fox Cotton Bay, along with his wife Janice, Al has a passion for the Ocean, coral reefs, marine life, underwater photography and preserving the incredible marine environment in South Eleuthera not to mention his favorite, diving with sharks. Al is a PADI instructor who loves to teach, especially young people. He came to Eleuthera to retire and ended up owning a scuba diving and deep sea business. He is out on dives at least 150 days a year, assisting Chad Sinden, PADI Instructor with groups of divers, teaching scuba diving and teaching shark interaction & shark behavior diving, been to SharkSchool Level I & II and has been running SharkSchools with Dr. Erich Ritter since October 2016 out of Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina. With his new business (back in 2011), he loves going to the “office” and especially exploring for new dive sites and the opportunity to dive with sharks.

Chad Sinden
Born in the United Kingdom, U.K. and growing up in Australia,, Chad has worked at various dive operations around the world since 2008, he is a PADI Instructor who has a passion for getting people PADI certified, scuba diving and shark conservation. Chad brings a wealth of experience to the Company with his varied background in teaching, diving from places like Fiji Islands, the Bahamas, 

Captain Anderson
Is our primary Captain; he lives in Deep Creek a few miles from the marina, born and raised there. He is soft spoken, you have to ask him a question to get him to talk, but he is very knowledgeable about scuba diving (an avid snorkeler, but not scuba), deep sea fishing (his real passion) and all things local. He is skilled at SharkSchool, this is "da man" you need to be nice to, he is the one putting the food in the water at shark beach during SharkSchool while you are in the water with mask, fins, snorkel, weight belt and wet suit in 15' of water. "You don't want me to bounce the food off your head do you?" someone heard him say.