Eleuthera Shopping 101

Every settlement on the island has at least one, and usually more, easy to spot small stores offering a variety of the basic necessities.  Don't judge the book by its cover, you will be surprised at the items you will find in what may look like a closet from the outside. 

Be sure to visit the local bakeries for fresh, home baked bread and pastries.  In addition to the traditional white bread you will find raisin bread, coconut with cinnamon, wheat bread, scones, johnny cake, and more.  The Island Farm in Palmetto Point has gourmet homemade breads on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Likewise, your best bet for fresh seafood is to find the spot in your settlement where the local fishermen sell their catch of the day.  You will quickly note that the grocery stores do not have a fresh meat or seafood counter (all is frozen), so you will definitely want to pay a visit to the dock for your seafood while you are on Eleuthera.

Many of the grocery stores (and ALL of the liquor stores and gift shops) are closed on public holidays and Sundays.  Some of the grocery stores are open for a few hours on Sunday mornings - you need to plan ahead!

The quantity and quality of fresh produce is determined by the day of the week that the supply boat comes to the particular settlement where the store is located.  For instance, if you try to find fresh milk in Governor's Harbour on a Sunday or Monday, you are probably out of luck (as the boat comes on Tuesdays).

Prices may seem exorbitant, but again, remember you're on an island.  Everything (except the locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables that you will find throughout the island) has to be shipped in and is subject to customs duty.  My best advice - buy locally grown when you can and don't worry about the prices - you're on vacation! 

Lastly, cash is king.  Many of the stores (most in fact) do not accept credit or debit cards.  You will find 2 ATM's in Governor's Harbour (RBC Royal Bank of Canada and CIBC First Caribbean) and one in Rock Sound (Scotia Bank). 

Check the Interactive Map for a detailed list.