Our Philosophy

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay is a small, professional scuba diving and watersports centre based at Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina at the south end of beautiful Eleuthera.  Our small size allows us to offer our clients a highly personalized level of service, so you can expect us to adapt to your needs as best we can.

Our Mission: to promote shark conservation through education and experience. There is always an instructor in the water when you are diving with sharks, all shark dives are proceeded by a lecture, the length and type depends on the type of shark dive you are doing, so that you are well educated before taking the plunge with these magnificent creatures.

As a general rule we carry no more than twelve (12) certified divers or twelve (12) snorkelers on our 40' dive boat "Hammered" or six (6) fishermen on  Potcake, our 34 foot custom boat. Both vessels have large swim/dive platforms with large ladders for easy entrance and exit from the crystal clear waters of Eleuthera. These vessels ensure that our divers, snorkelers, or beach combers receive unhurried attention from their dive or snorkel guide while observing the intriguing marine life at their own pace or have easy access to beaches for enjoying lunch or shelling between dives or snorkel adventures; and our fishermen receive the same personal service from the captain and mate.

 We do our best to ensure the conditions are right for you to dive, snorkel, beach comb or fish. If we think the ocean is too rough for an enjoyable dive or fishing trip to be made, we will tell you so. Likewise, if the conditions are great but about to take a turn for the worse, we will call you and give you the opportunity to dive or fish whilst you still can. We know how we like to be treated as divers and fishermen, and so we try to treat you the same way. Generally, the south end of Eleuthera runs from southeast to northwest, thus if the wind is hooked up, especially in the winter months, from the Northwest, North, Northeast or East, we can usually still dive and or fish. While this side of the island is not considered as the Atlantic side or the Caribbean side, it is the Exuma Sound, there is extremely deep water very close to the shore, providing excellent diving, snorkeling and fishing.

We like to do as much as possible for you, so that you have more time to relax and enjoy the experience. To this end, if diving, we carry all your equipment to and from the boat, we set up your tank (unless you request otherwise), and help you don your equipment before taking the plunge. If fishing, all you need to do is show up, everything else is ready–rods, reels, bait, captain and mate.

Relax! This is your vacation! Underwater we endeavour to find new marine life for you to observe, whether it be one of the big ones–such as reef or bull sharks, Spotted Eagle rays or Hawskbill turtles, or something out of the ordinary, like a Spotted Drum, Indigo Hamlet or Lettuce Slug.

If you are fishing, to the extent you are interested, the team will explain fishing techniques, bait selection, rod & reel choice and most important how to handle a large Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Sail fish or Blue Marlin so you can get them to the boat for a catch and release photo or into the cooler for dinner.