General Comments about dining out on Eleuthera

As a general rule it is best to call ahead. When there is a family emergency, when there are Holidays, and when folks go on vacation, the restaurant is closed. Usually no notice, just no one answers the phone when you call or the door is locked when you arrive.

If you walk into a restaurant and there are three or more tables occupied without food on them, relax, it is going to be awhile. Have a drink or some conversation, chill out, you are on vacation and “dis ain’t da States.”

Use our Interactive Map; Ocean Fox Cotton Bay’s Google Earth Map to see where these places are located along with a brief write up about the restaurants.

If you are going for the music, absolutely call ahead. If it is the slow time of the year there may not be a band regardless of what the website says (not sure if we ever have a “busy” time of year).

During September & October a lot of places, restaurants and hotels, are closed, because of the school year starting and hurricane season, there are few tourist on the island. Ocean Fox Cotton Bay is officially closed during these 2 months, but will do private charters upon request.