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1Bacchus Fine Foods

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Long: -76.236610
Lat: 25.198314

Bacchus Fine Foods is a speciality grocery store located in Governor's Harbour on the road to French Leave Beach via the banks road. Fresh sandwiches, fresh produce, quiche, nice selection of wines and condiments.

facebook page link 

2Frigates Bar & Grill

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Long: -76.162552
Lat: 24.870353

Frigates Bar & Grille, is located in Rock Sound right on the water, with indoor or outdoor dining. Lisa Guina the chef, makes great hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fish burgers, conch burgers and club sandwiches.They have a full bar and a great menu. Phone 242-470-1777, website 

3Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

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Long: -76.212480
Lat: 25.188192

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve is operated by the Bahamas Natural Trust and funded by the Leon Levy Foundation. It is an environmental educational centre as well as a facility for the propagation of native plants and trees. Open daily from 9am to 5pm (phone 242-332-3831), email 

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve strives to provide an exceptional educational experience for all its visitors, there is a school program that offers comprehensive on Bahamian native and culturally important plants.

4Edwin's Turtle Lake

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Long: -76.213188
Lat: 25.175183

Edwin's Turtle Lake located on the Queen's Highway just south of Governor's Harbour, offers Kayaks and Paddle Boards for rent by the hour. There are numerous green turtles in Edwin's Turtle Lake along with some species of fish, fun for all ages. Unfortunately, Betsy passed away in early 2016 and Edwin's Turtle Lake has not reopened as yet, August 2016.

5Cape Eleuthera Institute

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Long: -76.331549
Lat: 24.831249

Cape Eleuthera Institute is a facility that promotes a connection between people and the environment.

The Cape Eleuthera Institutes holistic approach to island ecosystems, philosophy of collaboration and relationship building, intrinsic bond between primary research and education helps to create models of effective management and sustainable development. In turn those models help to enhance conservation initiatives and economic prosperity at local, regional and global scales.

With a diverse array of virtually unexplored environments at their doorstep, the Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI) acts as a hub for exploration, primary research, and information exchange. Regardless of your age, the Cape Eleuthera Institute is a place to learn, to teach and to experience.

Tours of CEI and The Island School can be arranged for 11am or 1pm on weekdays. Tours last approximately on hour. They appreciate it when guest call ahead of their arrival (242-334-8552) and please indicate if you are interested in a general tour, bringing a school group, conducting research, sustainability or other interest. The institute is a 501c3, non-profit organization and relies on donations and grants to exist.

You can also email Karen Knight ( for tours.


Current research projects include Sharks, Sea Turtles, Rays, Lionfish and Flats (bone fish, nursery grounds for juvenile reef fish).

6Davis Harbour Marina

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Long: -76.233959
Lat: 24.741130

As of March 2017 the marina still needs some work from the hurricane in October 2016, large section of dock destroyed, lots of pilings above dock gone.

71648 Grille

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Long: -76.245228
Lat: 25.202454

The 1648 Bar & Grille is located a short walk from the settlement of Governor's Harbour, the restaurant is located in French Leave Harbour Village which is now a Marriott Resorts, amongst several Bahamian Villas, one and two bedrooms units for rent (8 more rentals are under construction), the 1648 restaurant has an excellent menu crafted by their chef, there is also a pool, spa, and fitness center located on the Bight of Eleuthera with great sunsets views, indoor and outdoor dining. For reservations 242-699-5542; website 


8St. Patrick’s Anglican Church

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Long: -76.245836
Lat: 25.193117

Phone: 332-2311.  One of the many beautiful historic churches on Eleuthera, St. Patrick’s Anglican Church is over 120 years old built in 1892, and houses the original pipe organ which was built before the Church. There is a "historical sketch of the Church" available on the website at the bottom of the home page. Bahamians are a religious people, so there are a wealth of churches and denominations throughout the islands. You will find Anglican, Methodist, Catholic and Baptist, among others, in each of the larger settlements on Eleuthera.

9Oceanview Farm

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Long: -76.207796
Lat: 25.189463

Oceanview Farm is horse back ridding on the beach and through trails in the forest. Run by Angela Cuevas, located just south of Tippy's restaurant, they offer a great way to see the beach and the vegetation on the island. Morning and afternoon trips. Phone: Barn 242-332-3671; Cell 242-357-4258.


10Rock Sound Airport (RSD)

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Long: -76.165746
Lat: 24.888463

11Eleuthera Island Organics

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Long: -76.522088
Lat: 25.369355

Phone:  335-5708  (EIO) New organic farm; entrance located between two silos; closed in the fall of 2015 and has not reopened as of August 2016, but some of the produce can be found at the Organic store in Gregory Town.

12Northside Inn Restaurant & Bar

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Long: -76.135896
Lat: 24.878156

Phone: 334-2573. On the Atlantic side of Rock Sound, what we call Rose's Beach. Beautiful spot serving lunch & dinner located right on the Atlantic Ocean with great views. Good food, reasonably priced. At the end of Fish Street turn left. Rose, the owner, is a really pleasant person to talk to. Always good to call ahead. Rose also has 5 nice rooms, located in 3 building for rent. Use our Google earth map this one. ($$)

13Barbie's Snack & Notions

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Long: -76.183362
Lat: 24.971409

Phone: 334-4028. Small place located on Lord Street, native style, ribs and a decent pizza run by Beryl Carey. Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., serving lunch & dinner. Also take-away. Call before you go unless just driving by.

14East and Final

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Long: -76.363112
Lat: 25.323983

South end of James Cistern, open 7 days/week and some holidays, nice people and lots of stuff inside

15Unique Village Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

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Long: -76.167178
Lat: 25.168188

Phone: 332-1830. Located on the Banks Road about ½ mile south of Palmetto Point (1.4 miles from Queen’s Highway; use google earth to find this one). Restaurant and pool over looking the Atlantic. Call before you go. ($$)

16Mate & Jenny's Pizza Take Away

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Long: -76.180788
Lat: 25.156389

Phone: 332-1504. In South Palmetto Point, head west (toward the Caribbean side) at Church Street intersection. Call before you go. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-9pm. Good pizza at a good price. ($$)


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Long: -76.208634
Lat: 25.190216

Phone: 332-3331. Situated on Poponi Beach, just south of the Leon Levy Preserve on the Banks Road, across the street from Pineapple Fields condo rentals. Serving lunch & dinner. Take a swim before you eat. Shower for salt rinsing on the pink-sand beach on site. Tippy's is fairly expensive ($$$), but the food is good. Reservations recommended.

18Eleuthera Supply

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Long: -76.243803
Lat: 25.195578

19Daddy Joe's

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Long: -76.592006
Lat: 25.425868

Phone: 335-5688. Situated 3.4 miles (5.5 km) north of Gregory Town or... 1.1 miles (1.7 km) south of Glass Window Bridge. Easily visible, white & yellow building,  very pleasant, air conditioned restaurant & bar. Serving lunch & dinner; reasonably priced. Open 7 days a week, closed from 3pm-6pm for break. Call before you go. ($$)

20Darnell’s Treasures

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Long: -76.243567
Lat: 25.196458

Nice gift shop up the hill (across from Buccaneer Club) with Bahamian arts and crafts and hand painted t-shirts, island jams and jellies, shells, Christmas ornaments.

21The Cove Eleuthera Restaurant and Bar

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Long: -76.573241
Lat: 25.400711

Phone: 335-5143. 1.5 miles north of Gregory Town; newly renovated and improved is now open for business. A very upscale place, nice restaurant and bar with excellent food. Best to call and make reservations for dinner. ($$$$)

22Norma’s Gift Shop

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Long: -76.244238
Lat: 25.195638

Phone 332-2002.  Norma’s has a wide variety of quality resort wear, t-shirts, bags and souvenirs.  Open Mon-Sat 9am – pm.

23The Laughing Lizard Cafe

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Long: -76.563502
Lat: 25.401043

Phone: 470-6992. Open: Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm. Situated 0.8 miles north of Gregory Town on the main road. The inside looks like a living room. Sun deck. Large road sign. Every wrap is made with the freshest meat and/or vegetables, great jerk chicken. Mrs. Petagay Hartman, the owner, really knows how to cook delicious meals. 

24First Caribbean IBC Bank

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Long: -76.243782
Lat: 25.195094

25Ship to Shore Restaurant & Bar

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Long: -76.208189
Lat: 24.744646

Phone 334-0111. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located in Weymess Bight on the Chris (Fireman) Highway. Run by Chantelle, great conch burger if she has fresh conch, good food overall. Chantelle also has rooms for rent. Now Chantelle has a neon blinking sign in the window, but she never turns it on, the key is if the laundry room door is open, then she or someone is their to cook as well. ($$)Located close to the dive shop and marina, good for something to eat after diving or deep sea fishing.

26Harbour Pointe Restaurant at Cape Eleuthera

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Long: -76.338901
Lat: 24.840451

Phone: 334-8500. Part of Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina on the northern most tip of South Eleuthera. Situated directly on the harbour with great views of the ocean, beach, pool & marina. ($$$) Indoor or out door dining, outside on the covered porch all the way around the restaurant, so you can always be outside and out of the elements or patio dining as well. Unbelievable sunsets, year round. Open Tuesday through Sunday 11am to 10pm. An excellent place for watching the "green flash". [don't know what that is? Google "green flash" ]

27Haynes Library

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Long: -76.246388
Lat: 25.192764

Phone:  332-2877.  In Governor’s Harbour, next to St. Patrick’s Anglican Church and across the street from the Anchor Bay Fish Fry, this is a beautifully restored 1897 building which houses over 10,000 books, a computer resource center and high speed internet access, all provided by contributions from friends, volunteers and well wishers from around the world. Children’s arts and crafts programs are offered on Saturdays.

28Glass Window Bridge

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Long: -76.604115
Lat: 25.437558

Located a few miles north of Gregory Town, the narrowest part of Eleuthera is a storm battered (now one lane) concrete bridge, where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.  No, it doesn’t look like a window from the top, but sailors named this area the Glass Window because they could see through the natural limestone arch to the Atlantic on the other side.  Artist Winslow Homer found the site stunning, and painted Glass Window in 1885. The original stone arch, created by Mother Nature, was destroyed by a combination of storms in the 1940s, and subsequent concrete bridges have been built and damaged or destroyed by hurricanes throughout the years. This is a great photo spot, but use care when the wind is whipping up the waves over the bridge

29Friday Night Fish Fry

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Long: -76.246706
Lat: 25.192617

This is the place to be on Friday night in Eleuthera for couples, singles and families alike, starting at 6 pm (Bahama time, of course), the bar is open and the chicken is on the grill.  Across from the Haynes Library, the street will be blocked off for dancing and limbo contests (later in the evening after everyone gets "limbered up" on the famous Rum Bubba.  The line forms early to the Ninja Conch stand on the beach for fresh conch salad, and the fully stocked bar offers water and sodas as well as beer, wine and a large assortment of the hard stuff.  You have your choice of bar-b-que chicken, pork chop or fried fish (beware, you get the whole fish) with a choice of Bahamian sides: peas-n-rice, potato salad, coleslaw or mac-n-cheese, all for a very affordable price of $12 per plate.  Be sure to tip generously, as all the staff are volunteers who work tirelessly each and every Friday night to raise funds to improve the community of Governor's Harbour.

30Old Navy Base

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Long: -76.314114
Lat: 25.269169

(aka “Jurassic Park Beach”)

Traveling  north on the Queen’s Highway from Governor’s Harbour, just before Receiver’s Beach on the left, you will see an unmarked  paved road on the Atlantic side, in remarkably good condition, which will take you to what looks like a scene from Jurassic Park.  Originally known as the "US Navy Experimental Facility, Eleuthera", the creation of the base dates back to November of 1950.    Eleuthera Auxilliary Air Force Base (AAFB) began operations in September of 1957, and was used for long-range monitoring of rocket and guided missile launches, controlled targets, drones, satellites, and lunar probes for the Air Force, Army, and Navy.  By late 1970, the decision had been made to close the facility.  The base was officially decommissioned on March 31, 1980 after the United States government was unable to secure favorable lease renewal terms from the Bahamian government for the land on which the base is located.  The facilities and equipment left behind largely went to waste, rusting silently away as the years went by, however the beachfront is one of the most spectacular on Eleuthera, and is a great place to enjoy late afternoon cocktails (BYOB) as the sun sets behind the dunes.

31Food Fair

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Long: -76.759968
Lat: 25.546044

32North Eleuthera Shopping Centre

show on map
Long: -76.728198
Lat: 25.488874

(aka Burchies)

33Ocean Hole (Rock Sound)

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Long: -76.155552
Lat: 24.864100

This massive ocean hole is one of Eleuthera's most famous landmarks.  The hole is home to a school of grouper and gray snapper which were stocked many years ago by local fishermen.   The legendary "bottomless" part of the Ocean Hole has been verified by tracking dye to be a very deep tunnel to the ocean (as with most ocean holes on Eleuthera, sufficiently deep that no ocean fish pass under to the ocean hole).   Once in Rock Sound, just follow the signs to visit the "Legendary Ocean Hole".

34The Cathedral

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Long: -76.154651
Lat: 24.857695

This small but impressive cave is located behind the ocean hole across the Queen's Highway from the African Methodist Church just south of Rock Sound.  The short rock-lined trail to the cave goes around the left (south) side of the ocean hole, then continues beyond it to a slanted wooden ladder.  The cave itself is fairly short, but the roots cascading down from the trees on top of the cave, along with the majestic rays of light cast through the ceiling on a sunny day are quite breathtaking

35Preacher's Cave

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Long: -76.695824
Lat: 25.557446

This historic cave was the home of the first European settlers in the Bahamas whose ship was wrecked on the nearby Devil's Backbone reef in 1640.  The cave was also used as a home and a burial ground for some of the early Lucayans, with charcoal remnants from fire pits found in Preacher's Cave radiocarbon-dated back to as early as the 8th century AD, and as late as 1430 - 1650 AD thus establishing a long period of usage.

36Hatchet Bay Cave

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Long: -76.525414
Lat: 25.367842

Hatchet Bay Cave is the most extensive cave system discovered on Eleuthera thus far. It was first described in the November 1874 edition of Harper's Monthly magazine as "a cave extending 1100 feet under-ground enriched by stalactites of a brilliant brown hue. It is really worth visiting."  The cave spans at least three levels and at least two exits separated by 1/5 mile on the surface.  The cave is home to hundreds of what appear to be leaf-nosed bats.  The bats are generally more active after sunset, so if you're not a fan of bats, mid-day is probably the best time to explore. Each visitor to this cave should have a primary flashlight, along with a backup flashligh

37Island Made Gift Shop

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Long: -76.556773
Lat: 25.392177

38Pammy's Take Away

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Long: -76.243457
Lat: 25.194449

Phone : 332-2893. Take away and seating area with pork chops, cheese burger, excellent conch burgers, located just North of Burrows grocery on the Queen’s Highway. This is our grand daughter's, Mandolin, favorite spot for a conch burger, ask for a Mandolin Conch burger.

39Buccaneer Club Restaurant

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Long: -76.243277
Lat: 25.196340

Phone: 332-2000. The Buccaneer Club serves breakfast, lunch & dinner seven days a week. Situated in Governor's Harbour, large veranda under a big old tree. Nice spot for a lunch or dinner outside under the large tree. Head up the hill on the main road, first right turn. Food is good, but don’t get in a hurry.Darnell's Treasures is located just across the street on the road up the hill, so you can shop while you wait for your food.

40Sunset Inn

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Long: -76.236079
Lat: 25.187042

Phone: 332-2487. Sunset Inn is located about 1/2 mile south of Governor's Harbour on the Caribbean waterfront; where locals and foreigners meet to eat and watch the sunset, a good spot to see the "green flash", yes it really does exist. Excellent local cuisine, some of the best cracked conch around, good food for a good price. Run by Lionel and Jay, Jay does the cooking, breakfast (9-11am), lunch (11-3pm) and dinner (5-9pm). Sunken bar with TV. Closed on Thursdays.

41Front Porch Delights Bar & Grill

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Long: -76.485860
Lat: 25.351029

Phone: 335-0727. Looks like they closed in May 2015, not sure about a reopen date.

Lovely Eleuthera restaurant & boutique, run by Francis and Gina, with driftwood bar on deck, overlooking Hatchet Bay. Awe-inspiring sunsets. Daily changing menu. Lunch: 11 to 3; Dinner: 5 to 9. Located directly on the bay side of the main road. Call and make sure they are open and have space available. ($$) 

42RBC Royal Bank of Canada

show on map
Long: -76.241337
Lat: 25.192659

43Rainbow Inn

show on map
Long: -76.449600
Lat: 25.340806

Phone 335-0294. Located on the north end of Rainbow Bay 17 miles north of Governor's Harbour settlement. Serving lunch & dinner. Specializing in steaks including Black Angus and seafood. Live entertainment. Happy Hour from 5:30 to 6:30. Run by Mish, she is in charge of the kitchen, and Zev. Closed on Sundays. ($$$)

44Eleuthera Island Farm

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Long: -76.173417
Lat: 25.153312

Phone 332-0141. Open 9-4 Mon-Sat; great variety of freshly grown produce in season; home made dips, marinades, salad dressings, hummus, fresh break on Tuesdays and Fridays during winter and spring months.

45French Leave Beach (aka Club Med)

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Long: -76.230407
Lat: 25.200788

This is a spectacular beach, about 1.1 miles long and quite wide, especially at low tide, with fine pink sand. Club Med was located on the north half of the beach and was destroyed in 1999 by category 5 hurricane Floyd the eye of which passed over Governor’s Harbour. Access is available from the north end on Banks Road, in the middle from a road thru the trees and the Beach House, as well as the south end by public road next to the last house on the beach.

46Fruit Mart at Savannah Sound

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Long: -76.135041
Lat: 25.091102

North of Savannah Sound on Atlantic side; great prices on fruits and vegetable

47Awesome Blossoms

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Long: -76.132811
Lat: 25.084262

Phone 332-2932.  Large nursery in Savannah Sound whose owner Dorothy Rahming (also owns Darnell’s Treasures in Governor’s Harbour) is a delight to talk with as she takes you through her many beautiful plants.

48Jurassic Park Beach (Airport Beach)

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Long: -76.313062
Lat: 25.271672

Airport beach can be accessed from Knowles Drive on the south or the old Navy Base near the north end of the beach. Plenty of fine sand and a distinct lack of people. You can also wander around the old Navy Base which will remind you of Jurassic Park. From the Knowles drive entrance on the south end you can walk about 3.2 miles to the north before encountering a rocky shore line. You can Google Navy Base Eleuthera and see photos and read some history.

49Bert’s for the Best Groceries

show on map
Long: -76.183834
Lat: 24.971178

Phone 334-4253.  On the left about a block up the hill heading south from Tarpum Bay.

50The Rock Sound Market Place

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Long: -76.162661
Lat: 24.873278

Phone:  334-2203.  Nice, modern, well stocked grocery store with specialty items like gluten free, asian cuisine, fresh vegetables not found elsewhere on the island.  You can order online and have your groceries delivered to your house or boat when you arrive, a nice service for those who just want to vacation.

51Poponi Beach

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Long: -76.215028
Lat: 25.194263

Poponi beach starts just south of French Leave beach (once you clear the rocky shore on the south end of French Leave) and is about 2 miles long and has nice fine sand. In the center of Poponi beach is Tippy’s, the restaurant associated with Pineapple Fields, a condo rental development. You can park at Tippy’s or Pineapple Fields and enter the beach, have lunch and a drink at Tippy’s.

52The Cove

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Long: -76.573241
Lat: 25.400711

This relaxing oceanfront resort on 40 acres is an island legend reborn with a complete renovation that meshes quaint island charm with luxurious rooms, suites and villas that make it easy to relax. After all, that’s the whole point of this Caribbean resort, where you can escape from the typical beach vacation, the crowds, the lines and all the noise. At The Cove, Eleuthera the loudest sound you’ll hear are the waves hitting the sandy, sheltered beach. Two pink sand private beaches are yours for the taking. Pull up a beach chair, walk along the shores. Swim, snorkel, but above all, just relax.

Travel Savvy Magazine calls The Cove, Eleuthera, on Eleuthera Island one of the top five new resorts. A rocky promontory separates two, very private, sheltereed beaches.

53Governor's Harbour Airport (GHB)

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Long: -76.323907
Lat: 25.279704

GHB Governor's Harbour International Airport

54Governor's Harbour Bakery

show on map
Long: -76.242877
Lat: 25.193476

Fresh baked bread every day but Sunday, unsliced, meat pies, sweet rolls, breakfast sandwiches. Bakery closes around 5pm Mon-Fri and 3pm on Sat.

55Lynden Pindling Intl Airport Nassau (NAS)

show on map
Long: -77.465598
Lat: 25.051035

56Lighthouse Beach

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Long: -76.145600
Lat: 24.616745

Lighthouse Beach is a beautiful place to visit. The road into the beach and lighthouse (really looks like a light box) is not so beautiful. Single lane in and rugged. We tell folks if you are going pack a lunch, plenty to drink and make a day of it. If you are not so rugged but still want the adventure, we run a boat trip to Lighthouse Beach. This is the southernmost and easterly tip of Eleuthera.

57Millards Variety Store

show on map
Long: 76.175561
Lat: 25.164364

58Savannah Sound Beach/Flats

show on map
Long: -76.128348
Lat: 25.089699

This broad shallow sand flat, about .7 miles long by 500’ exposed sand at low tide and 0’ at high tide is a fun place to take the kids to run, play and swim in shallow water. A decent place to bonefish, the smaller fly the better and to hook a big one you gotta have skills.


show on map
Long: -76.317415
Lat: 25.263873

6 ½ miles north of Governor’s Harbour, on a gorgeous Caribbean sandy beach, Receivers Beach. Closed in August of 2012 for renovation and construction of new rooms, as of August 2016 no construction has commenced. As they say in the Bahamas, “time longer than rope.”

60Burrows One Stop Grocery and Liquors

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Long: -76.242914
Lat: 25.193910

Phone 332-2999.  Mon-Fri 6 am – 6 pm; Sat 6 am – 7 pm, Sun 6-10am.  Well stocked, good prices, friendly people; the place to meet on Tuesdays when the fresh produce comes on the boat.

61Pascal's at Sky Beach

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Long: -76.270182
Lat: 25.229891

Phone: 332-3422. It's part of Sky Beach Club Resort. 3 miles north of Governor's Harbour settlement on the Atlantic. Infinity pool, restaurant & bar now run by our favorite chef Pascal; lunch Monday-Sunday, 11-4pm, happy hour 5-7pm; open for dinner, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 6-9pm; Brunch Saturday & Sunday, 10-2; Sunday BBQ & Pool party 3-7; Friday closed at 7pm (see you at the Friday night fish fry).

Pascal's just opened the last week of October 2014, the restaurant area is now screened in for evening dining sans the bugs.

The restaurant and bar are next to a spectacular pink sand beach. Food is excellent, service very friendly. There is a swim up pool bar, Sammy the bar tender will entertain you while you drink. ($$$)

62Harbour Island Beach

show on map
Long: -76.631788
Lat: 25.504110

(aka Pink Sand Beach)

Harbour Island has a beautiful beach about 2.4 miles long, lots of fine sand and they say pink. But unlike most of the beaches on the mainland Eleuthera, there are people on those beaches. Not like in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, but more than on the beaches south. The sand at French Leave beach is as pink as Harbour Island.

63Queen's Baths

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Long: -76.597691
Lat: 25.432335

Not so much a beach as a place to hang out in pools of water that fill up at high tide. Worth the visit especially if you are going to see the Glass Window Bridge. Note: the glass window part from which the bridge got its name, only looks like a glass window if you are on a boat out away from the bridge itself.

64Surfers Beach

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Long: -76.526827
Lat: 25.382861

Yes this is where all the surfers hang out and the best beach for surfing on Eleuthera. You know surfers are a rugged bunch, and so is the road from the Queen’s Highway to the beach. It is a nice beach and worth the trek if you are a rugged person.

65James Point Beach

show on map
Long: -76.376943
Lat: 25.347668

We call this one the sea fan beach, because there are always lots of sea fans washed up on the horse shoe shaped beach. Sand face is steep and you can get a nice work out walking on the .4 mile long beach. Once you get to the south side, if you cross the rocks there is a small horse shoe opening in the rocks which when there are large waves on the Atlantic will produce some dramatic effects with the water crashing in and coming straight up. The road in is not in good shape so take it slow.

66Receivers (aka Cocodimama ) Beach - Caribbean Side

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Long: -76.317870
Lat: 25.261724

(aka Cocodimama Beach)

Just a little north of the Old Navy Base entrance, turn at the Cocodimama sign. This is a shallow beach, as are most on the Caribbean side (West) of Eleuthera. Sand is fine and firm. This is a great place to take the young kids, plenty of shallow water to run and play in, looking for shells and sand dollars. Keep in mind it the sand dollar is a dark tan or brown color, it is still alive; if white it is dead. Excellent place to teach the kids to snorkel. The beach is about .8 miles long.

67Sky Beach

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Long: -76.269782
Lat: 25.230471

The beach at the Sky Beach development is beautiful and not crowded. Plenty of fine sand, as do most of the beaches on the Atlantic side. Access through the Sky Beach development, park by the pool and restaurant. After or before your walk you can enjoy some refreshments at the restaurant bar area, or from the swim up bar in the infinity pool.

68Twin Coves

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Long: -76.246393
Lat: 25.215426

Located about 0.7 miles north of French Leave Beach (from the north end), nice fine sand. The southern cove is about 0.2 miles long. There is a small rock island and the sand bar from the rock island to the shoreline forms the adjacent border of the two coves. Some nice snorkeling around the rock island. Access from Office General on the Queen’s highway, at the tee intersection of Banks road turn right, a short distance there is a sand road, park there and walk in.

69Rose's Beach

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Long: -76.135386
Lat: 24.878377

This is a lovely totally secluded beach which you can access through the Northside Inn, run by Rose. The Northside Inn has a small restaurant and bar, a great place to go on the beach and get something to eat before or after. Call ahead to make sure she is open.

70Banks Road Deli

show on map
Long: -76.212313
Lat: 25.189394

71Winding Bay Beach

show on map
Long: -76.147316
Lat: 24.963241

There are two beaches at Winding Bay, one on the north side of the bay and well protected from the waves. The road in is a “single lane” road through the bush. At the end of the road is an area where sand is removed and hauled out by dump trucks. So we suggest you go slow and keep your windows down just in case the dump truck is headed in the opposite direction you are. Crossing over the sand collection area will put you on a nice long beach, good for shelling and some decent reefs for snorkeling.

72North Eleuthera Airport (ELH)

show on map
Long: -76.681486
Lat: 25.476992