There are some nice and interesting things to do on Eleuthera, but to really enjoy Eleuthera you need to have a little bit of an adventuresome spirit. If you are seeking out the great beaches, sometimes you come to a fork in the road and you just have to take it.

If you are going to the caves at Hatchet Bay, you won’t get far without a flashlight, there are no tour guides or lights in the caves. Hiking in the Leon Levy Preserve is great; you have to make it to the tower and up for an incredible view. The Haynes Library is a real treat, built in 1899, just 6 years after the adjacent St. Patrick’s Anglican Church was built.

Check out some of the blue holes, like the large one in Rock Sound, don’t pass up the smaller and less know one south of Rock Sound across from the Church on the Queens Highway and don’t even think about forgetting Light House Beach, tough to get to but worth the trip; or you can go with us by boat, kind of like taking a limousine to the rock concert.

But to really enjoy Eleuthera, just go exploring like the “Eleutheran Adventurers” did a very long, long time ago.

Get some impressions below and check out our Interactive Map for a full coverage of attractions.