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PADI Specialty Diver Shark Interaction-Behavior 1

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay exclusively offers the PADI Specialty Diver certification Shark Interaction-Behavior 1. To qualify divers after having done the Shark Interaction Shark Behavior 45 minute lecture, with videos, talking points and safety discussions, must pass the knowledge review and complete the Chumsicle (simulated carcass feeding) and Interactive dive. Upon doing so, the diver is eligible for the unique PADI Specialty Diver certification card. Standard PADI card is $30 in addition to the cost of the dives or for $40 ($10 going to Project Aware) the diver can select the Project Aware card with the shark on the front.



The way to becoming a PADI Open Water Certified Diver


PADI Open Water Certification, three options to certification. The most popular option is Option #1, where you are only needing your four (4) open water dives for Certification. Option #2 is for those who have completed the PADI eLearning and need confined water training and the four (4) open water dives. Option #3 is for those who show up on Eleuthera and want to get certified. Our minimum is 4 students for certification, or a combination of 5 total divers with 1-4 doing certification dives.

We take our certification divers to the same sites that we take all of our guests, so when you are certified you will be truly open water certified. For example, dive #3 is done on a dive site where you will dive to a maximum depth of 60 feet.

Option #1

For those divers who want Private Lessons to do their four (4) open water certification dives in very clear, relatively warm water, surrounded by fish and coral, this option consists of open water dives one and two in water to a maximum of 40’ and would likely be conducted on shallow reefs with a max depth of 20-25’. Dives three and four would be done on a reef with a maximum depth of 35-55’ with an allowed maximum depth of 60’. All four (4) dives would be full dives with times ranging from 30-40 minutes, subject to air consumption rates for divers in the group. The cost of option #1 is $475 + VAT plus the PADI Personal Identification Card fee of $25 + VAT, with a minimum of 2 students.

To do option #1, a diver must have completed the five knowledge reviews, including quizzes and passed their final exam along with having completed all five (5) confined water dives, provide the necessary referral form, execute a PADI liability release and have any necessary medical releases.

Option #2

For those divers wanting Private Lessons, who have completed the PADI eLearning through Ocean Fox Cotton Bay, PADI shop 21224, the course would consist of completion of the Quick Review for PADI eLearning and then completing the five (5) confined water dive Performance Requirement in salt water. These confined open water dives would be conducted from shore with conditions that offer swimming pool like conditions with respect to clarity, calmness and depth.

Depending on the number of students, the confined water dives can be conducted in a 6-8 hour time period. The cost of Option #2 is $300 + VAT plus the cost of Option #1 to complete PADI open water certification. (Total cost $800 + VAT per student)  Minimum of 2 students.

Option #3

For those who want to do the entire PADI open water certification course in Eleuthera through Private Lessons, in addition to Options #1 & #2 above, the diver would have to do the classroom work using either the PADI Open Water Diver Manual print addition OR the CD version; by reading or viewing each chapter, completing the Quick Quizzes, and knowledge reviews and taking the final exam, all under the supervision of the instructor.

Once the “classroom” work has been completed the student would move to the confined open water portion as outlined in Option #2 and then Option #3 the 4 open water certification dives. 

The cost of option #3 is $325 + VAT, plus $55 + VAT for course materials, minimum of 2 students plus the cost of Option #1 to complete the PADI open water certification. (Total cost would be Option #1 $500 + Option #2 $300 + Option #3 $370, or a cost of  $1,170 + VAT per student)  Minimum of 2 students.