Price List

Prices for Scuba Diving, PADI Certification, Resort Course and Snorkel Trips

Please note:
We accept credit cards (Visa & Master Card) for Reservation/Cancellation fees (which are non-refundable unless Ocean Fox Cotton Bay cancels due to unsafe conditions) and final payment. The Reservation/Cancellations fees are billed and can be paid with a credit card, if you would like to pay through Paypal we add the Paypal fee of 5.5% to the total, what Paypal charges Ocean Fox. Prices do not include tip or gratuity. 

Reservation/Cancellation Terms and Condition: If a diver, having made a reservation, fails to show up on time for a scheduled dive (arrive at the shop before 8:30am) or the diver is not a certified scuba diver, or the diver cannot provide proper certification documentation, the diver forfeits the cancellation fee as long as weather and sea conditions permits the dive trip to take place. 

The equipment discount only applies if the minimum number of divers for a trip are met; meaning if the minimum is 4 and there are only 3 divers on the trip, there is no equipment discount.

For times of high demand, i.e. Christmas - New Years, Spring Break, we require payment for the cost of the trip be made prior or at the time of the reservation and the payment is non-refundable unless Ocean Fox Cotton Bay cancels due to unsafe conditions. As we are a small boutique dive shop we suggest you make your reservations as early as possible to ensure you have the opportunity to dive.

All dives are lead by one of our PADI Instructors, Al or Chad, on either Potcake or Underdog, along with a fully licensed Captain, who will stay on board the boat while the divers are in the water providing essential surface support in line with international diving standards.

Effective July 1, 2018 all services will be billed plus a 12.0% VAT, value added tax.
Scuba Certification cards or proof of Certification required for all scuba divers.

Scuba Diving for our Standard dives:

• Two Tank Dive Package (includes all equipment / 2 diver minimum): $170 + VAT
• Two Tank Dive Package (tank and weights only / 4 diver minimum):  $130 + VAT

Specialty Scuba Dives:

Shark Feeding and Interactive Dive:

Two Tank Dive Package (includes all equipment / 5 diver minimum): $220 + VAT

Two Tank Dive Package (tank and weights only / 5 diver minimum): $180 + VAT

The 2 tank dive is proceeded by a 45 minute lecture about shark behavior, shark interaction, facts-fiction-assumptions about sharks with videos, so that the diver will see by video everything they will experience during the dive; the first dive is the simulated carcass feeding ("the chumsicle") or the Shark Feeder 3000 (where food is released from the surface in 2 minute increments), the second dive is a shark interactive dive.

Shark Interaction Dive
Two Tank Dive Package (includes all equipment/4 diver minimum): $190 + VAT

Two Tank Dive Package (tank and weights only/4 diver minimum): $150 + VAT

Night Dive:

• One Tank Dive Package (includes all equipment / 6 diver minimum) : $ 130 + VAT

 light rental $20/dive plus VAT

Deluxe Combo 1/2 Day Deep Sea Fishing & 2 Tank Dive:
• Deluxe Combo 1/2 Day Deep Sea Fishing & 2 Tank Dive : $ 1,380 + VAT

Price is for up to 4 divers doing a 2 tank dive, if less than 4 divers the trip price is the same, if a diver only needs a tank and weights deduct $30/diver; extra divers are same price as two tank standard dive above, maximum number of divers is six (6).

Discover Scuba Diving, "Resort Course":

Instruction, confined water training and a
one (1) tank dive, minimum of 2 divers: $ 200 + VAT; an additional dive is $30/diver + VAT, with all divers participating.

Snorkel Trips:

• minimum of 8 person or minimum trip price: $ 520 + VAT
• additional snorkelers per person: $ 65 + VAT