Renting a Car

There are a lot of folks who rent cars on Eleuthera, but we prefer you rent from those who have nice cars which are well kept. Otherwise we get a phone call early in the morning advising some of our guests will not be joining us because of “car problems”. Below are a few which we can recommend for those arriving at Governor’s Harbour airport (and for a nominal charge they will deliver your car to North Eleuthera if you are flying in there).

Roderick Pinder, work phone 242-332-2984, cell 242-808-3131, or email 


rental car eleuthera

Driving a Car

Here in Eleuthera we drive on the left, which is different for most of you except our British friends. Don’t panic, just don’t get into a hurry. The little secret for the Bahamians and resident ex-pats is that the rental cars have a white license plate with green numbers; those of us who live here and own a car have a blue license plate with yellow numbers. So right away if we see someone driving a little strange, assuming you are not drinking and driving, which is prohibited here, we recognize you as a tourist struggling with driving on the left and we take the necessary corrective action.

Now when the sun goes down, especially on Friday or Saturday nights, if you are out driving you need to exercise your defensive driving skills, because on occasion there will be Bahamians and perhaps some tourists who have been celebrating and then driving.

Recommended speed on the Queens Highway is 45 mph, in the Settlements (the small towns or villages) 15-20 mph is posted, which is good because the settlements don’t have sidewalks and we do have a lot of young folks on the island. There are no traffic lights on Eleuthera; well there used to be one which blinked yellow on the highway in Governor’s Harbour and red if you were coming down the hill, but a hurricane in the late 1990’s messed it up and it finally got removed in 2008.

Rush hour traffic is a concept here but kind of like a crowded beach, it is just a concept. So relax, you are on vacation and don’t get in a hurry. Gas is a little less than $6/gallon, so drive slowly, enjoy the scenery and save some money on gas.