Why Eleuthera? “Eleuthera, it’s not for everyone”

Crystal clear water, large beautiful beaches with no one on them, complimentary sunrise and sunsets daily with frequent green flashes at sunset, friendly people with no crime, great food, undeveloped and laid back atmosphere, wonderful climate, one hour from Florida with 3 airports on an island 110 miles long and mostly narrow, with lots of vacation rental homes and a few small boutique hotels. This is paradise re-defined.


Not just a few great beaches, but an Island full of beautiful beaches with no one on them.  Or as my cousin who is a writer wrote “The hardest thing to find on Eleuthera is a crowded dirty beach.”  When you think of beaches, it is not like Europe or the East or West Coast of the United States, these are truly world class beaches with virtually no one on them.

Water and colors

The color contrast from the pink sand beaches to the turquoise shallow water and out to the deep-deep blue ocean water is just amazing.  As the prevailing wind is from the East and there is nothing east for a few thousand miles, the clean air, virtually pollution free, allows lots of light to reflect off the waters and create some truly amazing scenes.


The Bahamians are a very friendly bunch of nice folks.  You will be amazed how many people wave at you as you drive around the island, and when they say hello, they look you right in the face.

Sunrise and Sunsets

As the island runs almost North – South, you can watch an unobstructed sunrise and in the evening watch an unobstructed sunset. There really is a green flash; it occurs when the very top of the sun drops below the horizon.  It is an optical phenomena when the conditions are right; a green spot is visible just above the very top of the sun, but you need an unobstructed horizon.  Here is the link to Wikipedia, Green Flash, just so you know you don’t have to be drinking rum to see this, but sip sip (Bahamian for rumor) has it, the rum helps a lot.


We are not even sure how many people live on Eleuthera, which is over 100 miles north to south, but it is not that many; we do have one stop sign down south.  There are a lot of vacation second homes which are available for rental most of the year and there are a few small boutique hotels.  So basically there is no place to “stack” a bunch of people on the island.  When people inquire about the busy season and we say this is the busy season, they look puzzled and ask “why is there no one on the beach?”. Too many beaches and too few people, just the way it is.


The landscape is mostly rolling hills with dense vegetation and lots of palm trees, the wider parts of the island are on the north and south ends of the island.  Beaches are on both sides of the island, so if it is windy and the water is rough on one side, just pack up and head to the other side of the island where it will be calm.