… everything else is just surface interval.

Ocean Fox Cotton Bay provides professional scuba diving for certified divers and snorkeling from our base of operation at Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina  at the Southwest end of Eleuthera. We strive to provide our clients with a highly personalized level of service and adapt to our clients needs as best we can. Generally we suggest six (6) to eight (8) divers with a maximum of twelve (12) if diving on Hammered, our 40' Crusader dive boat, all accompanied on the dive by our PADI Instructor Chad, on either Potcake, a 34' Cursader or Hammered, along with a fully licensed Captain, who will stay on board the boat while the divers are in the water providing essential surface support in line with international diving standards. The person on the boat while divers are in the water has been trained as an Emergency First Responder, as well as instructors who teach that course, there is emergency oxygen on board and our vessels are fully insured.

We typically do two (2) tank dives for a trip, but we can do three (3) tank dives along with lunch and perhaps throw in a beach visit as well. Just tell us what your group would like to do and we will do our best to customize the trip to satisfy you and your group, family or friends. 

Cost for our standard two (2) tank dive is $170/diver + VAT with a minimum of 2 divers where we provide all equipment. If there are four (4) or more divers and a diver is only needing a tank and weights, then the cost is $130/diver + VAT ($40 less if diver has all equipment). Shark dives require a minimum of 4 divers and the cost is $190/diver + VAT. Prices do not include gratuity/tips for crew or staff. Cost for 2 tank shark interaction shark behavior dive with shark interaction-behavior discussion is $190 + VAT; cost for the 45 minute Shark Interaction Shark Behavior lecture and feeding is $220 + VAT with a minimum of 5 divers.

Wall dives

We offer a variety of dives; wall dives are a favorite of most of our clients, we can tailor the depth to you desires and skill set. Most of the wall dives start at around 50-60 feet of water and it’s just ocean blue below once you reach the wall. On the way up from a wall dive it’s what we call “rock wall climbing Bahamas style”, a very unique experience.

Anchor Canyon

Pinnacle reef dives

We have a couple of pinnacle reefs, commencing in 12-15 feet of water with a bottom at 55-60 feet. One site is called the Christmas Tree and is known for the opportunity to see reef sharks, with an occasional bull and black tip shark along with large grouper, jacks, lobster and spider crabs, and oh yea throw in a spotted moray eel now and again; the other is Shark Tease/Thick Finger reef. [Note: if you are nervous about sharks, please let us know and we will not take you to these sites]. You can dive the wall near the Christmas Tree, then dive the Christmas Tree on the second dive and finish the second dive with your three (3) minute safety stop on top of the reef observing the coral and fish rather than hanging onto the mooring line.

Boiling hole dives

Boiling holes are an underwater connection to the Atlantic Ocean through the cavernous limestone which allows deep ocean water to boil through on an incoming Atlantic tide. These are small blue holes, but offer enhanced marine life around them due to the colder Atlantic nutrient rich water. Depths range from 30-55’ around the boiling holes with lots of topography and an abundance of beautiful tropical reef fish wanting to be photographed. We have several great Shallow reefs starting at 3-4’ below the surface and going to 20-40 feet deep.

Shallow reef dives

Shallow reefs starting at 3-4’ below the surface and going to 20-40 feet deep. These sites provide our clients with the opportunity to take the family and/or friends out even though not everyone is a certified diver. The other family members or friends can enjoy the marine life snorkeling while the balance of family or friends get the opportunity to burn some air.

Exploration Wall Dives

Exploration Wall Dives, for those experienced divers who want the ultimate diving experience. There are literally miles of walls, which have not been explored, which we from time to time will dive in search of new dive sites. You will do a free descent from an unanchored boat in 50-75’ of water and swim along the wall in search of potential new dive sites. We deploy a reel with a surface buoy for the dive boat to follow and use that to signal the dive boat we are ascending. We do the three minute safety stop without a line or mooring, so buoyancy control is paramount. We have added several new dives, The Canyon of Anchors and Rich’s Canyon are impressive wall dives with swim throughs; Turtle Point  is a wall dive with the top of the wall having about 30’ of relief from the shore side of the wall; Shark Tease a wall dive with some impressive canyon entrances to the wall; Thick Finger reef is a pinnacle with about 20’ of relief and excellent coral specimens and a small boiling hole. These sites were all discovered recently doing Exploration Wall dives and named by the divers on the Exploration wall dive.

Deluxe Combo 2 Tank Dive and 1/2 day Deep Sea Fishing

We offer a Deluxe Combo Package which consists of a 1/2 day of deep sea fishing and a 2 tank dive for a minimum of 4 divers. Depending upon the tides, we generally start off fishing until slack tide (fishing gets slow sometimes at slack tide), then we do two dives and then it's back to deep sea fishing.

Most of our deep sea fishing is along the wall, the same areas we do wall dives, but we are usually a little further off the wall. When we work our way East along the wall we end up fishing the Bridge where the big Wahoo hang out. So when the tide goes slack we plan to be in the vicinity of one or several of our favorite dive sites, and over we go for 2 dives. Typically one deeper dive on the wall and a second shallower dive, like a boiling hole.

The concept for the Deluxe Combo came from some crazy Italians, Mateo being the craziest, who after making several visits with us and doing fishing one day and diving a few days said "why can't we just leave the dock and do some fishing and some diving without having to come back to the dock to change gear?" So we set up the next day and did the now famous "Deluxe Combo", great idea. We listen to our guests, and we love to mix things up to satisfy their desires.

Exiting Rich's Canyon

Night dives

We offer a night dive on Blackbeard's Treasure Hole, a boiling hole, with lots of structural relief and ledges for night creatures to hide during the daylight. The maximum depth is about 35' and there is a variety of nocturnal creatures to see on the dive. We  require a minimum of six (6) divers to run a night dive and if diving the next day, expect a later departure than our typical 9 am departure. Cost of a night dive is $129/diver for a one tank dive.