Flowers 365 days a year

Weather and Climate

Eleuthera has a tropical savannah climate, a very pleasant climate.  Summers can be warm but the almost constantly blowing sea wind has a cooling effect due to the ocean water temperature of 82-84 degrees. Climate is the average of weather events that occur over a monthly period, weather is what is going on while you are visiting. So if a chart says the monthly rainfall in June is 8 inches that is due to local afternoon thunderstorms. It is rare for the sky to be overcast and raining for a day at a time, if that does happen it is likely in the winter.

Wind tends to be more of an issue in the late fall, winter and early spring months and this is associated with “cold fronts”; yes we do have cold weather occasionally where the winter night time temperature can drop to the mid 60’s, slightly above freezing according to Bahamians. A couple of days before the front arrives the wind speed picks up from the SE and clocks around to the NW as the front passes. So if you are here for a week there can be 2 days during the week that diving and fishing may get canceled. Once the wind goes to the N or NE, the south shoreline of Eleuthera is in the lee and protected from the cooler winds which can be 25-35 miles per hour for 2 days, then the wind typically dies down. So once the wind goes to the North we can resume normal activities while a lot of other places will be shut down.

Some of the best diving is during August, September and October, which is traditionally the “slow” time for the Bahamas. The visibility is excellent, the seas are usually calm with light winds and afternoon thunder storms which actually cool things down. Yes it is hot by Bahamian standards especially if you find yourself in the full sun and out of a breeze, but to cool off all you have to do is jump into the ocean; with a water temperature of 82-84 you will at first think the water is “cold”. This is a favorite time of the year as we get to enjoy some incredible lightning storms on the horizon, which can keep you occupied for hours. Night time temperatures drop to the mid 70’s mostly due to the breeze off the ocean which acts like an air conditioner.

There is always plenty of sunshine, so bring sun screen regardless of the month. June and July have daylight for 14 hours, with the sun setting after 8:30 and rising before 6:30. So plenty of sunscreen and some light weight long sleeve shirts to protect you from the sun is helpful. Speaking of clothing, on the nights when the breeze is light or you are out of the wind on a beach or porch, light weight long pants, along with your shirt, can help keep the “no-see-ums” away. These are what some people refer to as sand flies, basically a set of wings with teeth. They tend to come out an hour before sunset and go away about an hour after sunset, bug spray is effective on the uncovered areas.