Diving yesterday on Blackbeard’s Treasure Hole and encountered two (2) Hawksbill Turtles, a really nice treat on a winter day. We have observed that if we encounter a turtle and we let one of the female divers lead the group toward the turtle, they are less likely to dart away. Unfortunately this was an all guys dive day and so the first turtle we were not able to get really close.Right after swimming with the first, we turned back to the main part of the reef and to my surprise I almost ran into the second as it started to move off its resting spot on the bottom.

Hawksbill on Blackbeard's

The wind was hooked up out of the north as the “polar vortex” had arrived, winds 25 knots plus but the seas were less than a foot, as we are on the lee shore with north or east winds. It was over cast and lightly raining, so the visibility was reduced to 75+ feet. Water temperature was 76 degrees, so we were warmer in the water than out. Oh how we do suffer through winter here on Eleuthera.We did see one File fish grazing on sea fans, actually eating the sea fan, first time to observe that behavior. Usually they are very shy, but we swam toward the fish and then sort of away from it and it did not seem to be bothered. But my camera battery was low and I did not get to photograph that experience. Two nice dive on an otherwise blustery winter day.

queen angel

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