Diving the Man Cave on August 11th with Kevin (from Houston, Texas) and his two sons, Cole and Kyle, both of which I certified two years ago and they now have over 50 dives each, along with my wife Janice (pink fins). Kyle wanted to see and interact with the sharks, so first we had the 15 minute discussion of shark behavior and how to act around the sharks, do’s and do not’s, what to do if you feel uncomfortable during the dive and then off to the Man Cave and then Thick Finger Reef.

Upon exiting the Man Cave we were immediately greeted by two good size Reef Sharks, then shortly thereafter joined by two more, and they stayed with us the balance of the dive.


The second dive was on Thick Finger Reef, where the sharks again appeared and seemed to enjoy our company. We set up to feed a couple of lion fish but we could not find any around. That’s good news for the reef, but a bit of a disappointment for the sharks, they seem to really enjoy eating them, “feed the lion fish to the sharks, save the reefs and save the sharks”.

When we dive Thick Finger reef, we point out the vibrant coral on the reef and then swim about 150-200’ West to a similar size reef with moderate to poor coral formations by comparison. The only difference between the two reefs is that Thick Finger has a small boiling hole on the reef. When the tide is rising you can feel the cold water rising up from a part of the reef. This supplies the reef with cold, clean water two times a day which enhances the coral growth.

See the large boiling hole on Blackbeard’s Treasure Hole, there are 34 species of hard coral on Blackbeard’s.


For this day of diving in August, the seas were flat, water temperature was 83 degrees, no need for a wet suit, dive one lasted 42 minutes with a max depth of 83 feet, dive two lasted 45 minutes with max depth of 63 feet. Nice dives with very good divers.

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