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Shark Week on a Friday

Dove on Friday the Shark Tease wall site east to the Man Cave and then Thick Finger Reef on the second dive. We dove with Mario and Nicki from New York, Bonnie and Clayton from Dallas Texas along with Pat who has a house called Oceanaire here in Governor’s Harbour but lives in Houston.

Mario has a nice underwater camera and I wanted to make sure he got some good shark photos, so we went to dive the wall from Shark tease to Man Cave, where we almost always have a good interaction with 4-7 Caribbean Reef sharks. Bonnie and Clayton where on Eleuthera for the first time as were Mario and Nicki, but this was Bonnie and Clayton’s first shark dive. You can see from Bonnie’s had signal to Clayton that she was having a great time. Of course everyone enjoyed the Man Cave swim through except Mario who thought he might miss some good shark photo opportunities while doing the swim through, so he swam over rather than through.

It is not always all about the sharks, no it is only about sharks when diving the shark sites, but we still get to see great marine life and coral formations on the shark site dives. Check out the Hog Snapper and the clip I call “Fire in the water”, cool visual effects.

Water temperature is around 83 degrees, seas calm to one foot, visibility is a little off this time of year but still very nice. Two great dives with folks on their first visit to Eleuthera who are already planning their next trip back, they just love the fabulous beaches with no one on them, friendly folks and the great diving.

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