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Shark Week for a Day

Dove near the Man Cave on Monday, had great interaction with the sharks with Don and his son Jacob and friend Adam, their first shark interaction dive. The sharks were looking for some interaction with scuba divers and we had a good time. The less you move around the closer the sharks will come to the diver. If you feel uncomfortable, go into the vertical position and rise up off the bottom.

Notice how Jacob is at first trying to swim towards the shark to get pictures, but when he is still on the bottom the sharks come in nice and close and you get great pictures.

The visibility was a little off because of weather moving into the area, about 75 feet, water temperature was 82+ degrees, seas were 1-2 feet with rain showers, none of which bothered the sharks. I let Jacob use my Sealife camera, his first time, the still photos are his; not bad for his first try at underwater photography.

Caribbean Reef Sharks

It is not all about shark diving, we did the second dive on Thick Finger reef, the one with the very small boiling hole, and then over to the adjacent reef, 150-200 feet away which does not have a boiling hole just to see the effect a boiling hole has on a coral reef. In between those two reefs we found some Brittle Star fish on a large sponge, a Sun Anemone on a pile of shells and corals and a cluster of Feather Dusters.

As we like to say, "save the sharks, feed them lion fish and save the reefs." Two great dives with 3 very good divers.

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