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Shark Feeding Symphony

The Shark Feeding by chumsicle when played in slow motion clearly  demonstrates that the sharks are not in a “feeding frenzy”, an uncontrolled state in which they commence to bite everything close, including other sharks, as is commonly professed, but in fact the feeding is more like a symphony. These are not mindless killing machines, this is a well orchestrated natural occurrence in Nature, where the top of the food chain feeds first. Sharks are among the best adapted vertebrates in the animal kingdom.

Notice that the sharks did not eat one single yellow tail snapper, jack or grouper, they feed here as they do in their environment, on things that are wounded, injured or dead. The sharks swiftness, agility and power make them the ultimate marine predator. Sharks are cautious and hesitant, it is a sharks decision to approach or not, if the receiving impulses are strong the shark will come in to feed.

The chumsicle provides an opportunity for a rewarding experience with sharks for divers, one just has to be capable of blocking the erroneous media created image and let the situation develop without prejudice or fear and concentrate on interpreting the shark’ signals and observing the environmental factors. 

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