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Shark Feeding Dive, update April 2015

Shark behavior and shark interaction are presented in a 45 minute lecture prior to departing for a two tank dive interacting with the sharks. The lecture includes videos and photos to supplement the discussion on what to do and not to do when around sharks.

Questions we sometimes get from divers arriving at the shop before the lecture; "my nephews would feel better if we took along a spear", no, actually we do not need a spear. "Do you think we should take a bang stick along just in case?" (a bang stick is a pole with a shot gun shell which when pushed against something discharges the shot gun shell). No we do not need a bang stick. "My wife wants to know if we will be diving in a cage?" No we will not be diving in a cage. "How many accidents do you have on these dives?" We have not had any accidents on the shark feeding dive.

During the lecture we will introduce you to shark behavior and how to interact with the sharks, how to move in the water and what position to be in during the simulated carcass feeding. We will also discuss facts and fiction, which will totally ruin it for you when watching Jaws and Shark Week again. 

On the first dive we will do the simulated carcass feeding and on the second dive we will interact directly with the sharks. When we dive without food in the water then the sharks like to interact as well, trying to figure out which ones are the new divers. On the dives in this blog the visibility was good but not great by our standards, we are on a sand bottom at a depth of less than 55 feet. Depending on how well you control your air after getting comfortable the dives are usually 40 plus minutes; we like to be back on the boat with 800# of air. There will be an instructor and dive master on all dives and we take a max of 8 divers.

You will likely get the opportunity to see and interact with more than 10 sharks, almost all caribbean reef sharks, so far, everyone has a unique personality. 

Our objective on these dives is to get divers comfortable in the water with sharks, so you understand their behavior and how to interact with them and enjoy these majestic creatures. As i like to say, "interaction with large marine creatures, eye contact means you have connected". We hope you will leave with a greater appreciation and help us "Save the Sharks".

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