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Scenes from The Thick Finger Reef

A great dive today on the Thick Finger reef, we confirmed there is a small boiling hole on the reef which enhances the coral growth with the cold ocean water flowing under the island on a rising tide; the same size pinnacle to the immediate west has a much less vibrant coral population because it has no boiling hole. The reef sharks were out and entertaining, even my good friend Alison from England had fun photographing the reef sharks. This it the first time I have had the opportunity to video a “sea lettuce slug”, wonderful.

Had some excellent divers out today, wind was hooked up out of the North, but we are on the lee shore and the seas were less than 1/2 foot, visibility was a little less than 100′, water temp was 75 degrees, much cooler on the boat with the north wind blowing. I guess we had a polar vortex drop in on Eleuthera.

Rob & Robert on the wall at Shark Tease Paul & Trish out on wall at Shark tease
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