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Scenes from a “Bridge Drift Dive”

Diving Friday with my oldest son, Eric, we did a bridge drift dive and then explored some new areas on the bridge on the second dive. Waves were a bit of an issue but once you get the sync thing it was really great, visibility well in excess of 100′, water temp about 75 degrees ( a little chilly for us who live in the Bahamas, don’t forget  your hood), two good dives; if you can find the structure, you can find the fish.

On the Bridge the structures go from around 25-30′ to 60-65′, resembling a walk in the hill country on a slightly foggy day, except you have a gentle current to push you along as you float in the water. Diving in Eleuthera is just off the charts!

"Ocean Fox Cotton Bay diving, anything else is just a surface interval.”

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