Hard to explain Rich’s Canyon and all the swim throughs but this video does a good job of capturing the dive, at least part one.

The wall is quite vertical and just deep blue down below, plenty of good healthy coral formations on the wall and top of the wall.

exiting Rich’s Canyon swim through #1

this is a shot looking up going up swim through #2:

going up swim through #2

Out diving this week on Rich’s Canyon with Paula and Dan from Wisconsin, two good divers and we did 3 swim throughs and finished the dive on the top of the wall looking at the Basket Star closed up on a Sea Plume, video kind of gives an impression of the wall.

Visibility was excellent this week, greater than 100′ and with a water temperature of 76 degrees, not bad at all for winter. Max depth 100 feet, 2-3 foot seas with the wind hooked up out of the South. We did the second dive on Blackbeard’s Treasure Hole. If you are headed this way, bring a 3-5mm hood, chances are you will enjoy your dive more.

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