Lily on Blackbeard's

As this was Lily's first open ocean water dive since certification, we did dive one on Anny Bonny's boiling hole; Lily and dad Jimmy had some new gear to adjust and get used to using. Lily did very well for her first open water dive, good thing she did not see Daryl giving the shark sign, she was a little concerned about seeing a shark.

Lily & brother Logan

Nice Caribbean anemone with an Arrow Crab adjacent to the anemone, some very healthy thick finger coral. Picture of the family on the way out, 

arrow crab next to anemone

Two nice dives and then off to a deserted beach for some shelling and relaxing for an hour or so. As Jimmy said, "that was a lot easier than the drive to Light House Beach and a very nice beach". They have been coming to Eleuthera for 8 years but this was the first time to dive. They will be back for more diving. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed having the boat for just the family. Private Charter, a great way to go with the family.

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