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Old Man in the Sea

Had the opportunity to swim with a very old and very large Loggerhead Turtle for several minutes while completing an exploratory dive just East of Thick Finger Reef.

We had just discovered a new dive site now called "the Man Cave", an advanced diver swim through, which is somewhat narrow and is helpful if you have a flash light and were headed back to the boat when we encountered the old Loggerhead Turtle.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle information

The loggerhead sea turtle is an oceanic turtle, with the average length of around 35 inches, obviously our old Man in the Sea was considerably larger than average. We estimate that the one we encountered was close to 5 feet in length. In the adult turtle the most obvious difference is the adult males have thicker tails, so we surmise this was a male.

Loggerheads spend up to 85% of their day submerged, with males being more active divers than females. The average duration of dives is 15-30 minutes, but they can stay submerged for up to 4 hours.

For more information on Loggerhead Sea Turtles click here.

What a great couple of dives, water temperature is 80 degrees, so you really do not need a wet suit to dive, visibility has been at least a 100 feet for the last week or so, seas have been flat to 2 feet, nice time of the year to be diving. Been getting the summer afternoon showers which help keep things cool, along with some distant early evening lightning thunderstorms to enhance the apre sunsets.

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