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OFCB Man Cave

In late June I went exploration diving with my oldest son, Eric, along with Alan Wise and his two sons, Brandon and Cameron. We were exploring the wall to the East of Shark Tease and Thick Finger Reef. We came across a beautiful but advanced swim through now called the Man Cave.

As you can see from the video it can be a little dark inside, so a dive light is recommended for the dive. The Man Cave can be entered from either the shallow side, which we show as the exit in the video or entered from the wall side. 


We have now found numerous other swim throughs on the wall in the area to the east of Shark Tease, the wall is very vertical and just deep blue below. One other new swim through is called Jill’s Option and it has a two level swim through, the lower one you will exit at 110’ on the wall and the upper one you will exit at 90’ on the wall. The upper swim through is relatively large and good for those who have not done a lot or any swim throughs, the lower one is a little more advanced.

Shark Tease originally got its name from the sharks that hang around the site, where we sometimes feed lion fish. So whenever we are in the vicinity we are greeted by the sharks. 

We still have plenty of wall to explore, if we get advanced divers we are happy to set up exploration dives and if we find a dive site those divers get to name the site; i.e. Jill’s Option was Eric’s idea (Jill is hid lovely wife).

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