Florian decided to bring his company from Germany to Eleuthera for a team building retreat, half those with the company were divers (four of which were newly certified and this would be their first open water dives) and half were snorkelers.  ”We would like to have two days on the water, the first with the divers doing a two tank dive and the snorkelers doing two snorkel outings and on the second day we would like the divers to do a 3 tank dive; and of course we would like to do a beach each day, accessible only by boat and do lunch on the beach.”

We set up for dive one on Anny Bonny’s boiling hole, with the top of the reef at about 18′ and a max depth of 55-60′.  The new cert’s dove with instructor Al, making sure they were comfortable on their first open water ocean dive.  They had not done a free descent before, so we were going to go down the anchor line, but by the time we got there we were already on the bottom in 30′ of water, no problem.  For the 3 minute safety stop they did a great job of hovering around the anchor line.  Not sure who their instructor was but they did a great job and these four turned out to be excellent divers by the end of dive 5.  Dive one was 30 minutes, with a max depth of 54′.  Seas were flat as we were on the lee side of the island, even though the winds were NE at 15-20 mph.

Lunch break and some fun looking for shells and playing in the water on a nice beach accessible by boat only.  Monday was a little overcast, but up next to the shore we were out of the wind and the water temperature was 80 degrees.

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