We did dive on New Years Day, but my most exciting dive was on January 2nd with our very good friend Nannette Musgrave from St. Louis Missouri. Nanette has not been diving in a very, very, long time; years. Still grieving for the loss of her husband, John, our dear friend and one of the best Priest I have ever had the privilege to know, she decided to get back into the water and do a couple of dives. Having been certified a while back, she did the refresher course, Scuba Review, and then we did two dives.

We did Anny Bonny’s boiling hole and then Blackbeard’s Treasure Hole. It was a little bumpy out, but the girls did fine, tanks off in the water before boarding. Here are a few of Nannette’s favorite photographs

One of my favorites is the Spanish lobster, they actually hang upside down under the rock, hard to find in the day time.

Spanish lobster

Thanks again to everyone who dove or fished with us in 2013, we strive to make your diving/fishing experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Sometimes we don’t hit that mark with everyone, but we keep trying. We try to run trips the way we would want them run if we were on vacation. Here is hoping you get to dive and fish as much as you want in 2014.

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