These ladies may not have done a lot of deep sea fishing before, but they sure know how to have fun. Amy, Angie, Wendy & Shari fought the Blue Marlin for almost 25 minutes, taking turn reeling and yelling "reel, reel, reel".

Here are some shots of the Blue Marlin jumping and next to the boat, largest fish they had ever seen and absolutely enjoyed every moment of the fight. At one point the fish is swimming toward the boat and they thought it had gotten off, surprised again.

Shots of the Blue Marlin tag and photographed

Blue Marlin released

Blue Marlin released

The balance of the day was good, two Mahi-Mahi, a couple of barracuda, two yellow fin tuna, a mackerel along with a couple of tired ladies with big smiles.

What an unforgettable day, big smiles and lots of cheer when we watched the videos that evening. These ladies took all the videos and still photographs, great job on the photography as well. This was their first trip to the Bahamas and first trip to Eleuthera. Of course we got the same question, "why is there no one on the beautiful beaches? Because there are too many beautiful beaches and too few people."

"Ocean Fox Cotton Bay fishing....anything else is like sitting on the dock."

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