What does a real living Caribbean Coral reef look like in the Bahamas, it looks like this video which was taken on Blackbeard's Treasure Hole while diving with 3 divers from Boulder Colorado and my wife, Janice.

The tide was incoming, meaning the water was being pushed up under the island and out through the boiling hole, which provides cold, clean water to the reef twice a day. This enhances the coral life and growth and in turn provides a habitat for various species of fish.

In this video we highlight the Scrawled File Fish, a very large and interesting bait ball with a few surprises and the elusive Lizard Fish along with a school of Jacks around the boiling hole.

The Scrawled File fish is normally quite shy, but there were several on Blackbeard's this day and everyone enjoyed the time together.

The bait ball had quite a few surprises. As Jacob got close to the bait ball and the bait moved away, to his surprise was a very large Lion Fish. Then Daryl waves his hand from above to again expose the Lion Fish.

The Horse Eyed Jacks are almost always around the boiling hole when the water is boiling up, they tend to swim in circles around the upwelling in search of food or just riding the current.

The Lizard Fish is truly elusive, as they are well camouflouged,

We are a small boutique dive shop located on the South end of Eleuthera, where the diving is exceptional with excellent diversity of coral and marine life. Yes we do shark dives, we love diving with the sharks, but there are plenty of other diving option that offer divers a unique and unspoiled dive environment.

Come dive with us and visit Eleuthera, this is a special place. Just another day of diving.

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